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This category includes all of the nautical items. These includes Sextant, Compass, Spyglass, Binoculars, Brunton Compass, Telescope etc. Nagina International range of sextants can be placed on any desk, table, shelf, or display case to add a carefully constructed conversation piece to your home, office, or boat decor. Our Premium White Starline Decorative Nautical Brass Sextant range also comes with Solid Wood Crafted Decorative Wooden Box / Case. These sextant come with Antique and Polished Brass version with an elegant rosewood rich grain crafted premium box is a wonderful piece of collectible figurines. Crafted using the highest quality rosewood, this is an amazing addition to your nautical and ship's decor range. Intro about the sextant.----- In actual fact, it is merely an instrument that measures the angle a heavenly body (star, planet, sun, moon) makes with the visible horizon. It derives its name from the arc at the bottom which is one-sixth of a circle. The principles of a sextant are easy to master but its use requires some skill and practice. Small errors make for large discrepancies in one's position. The sextant basically consists of a telescope, a half-silvered horizontal mirror which the telescope "looks" through and a moving arm on which the index mirror is fixed. By manipulating this arm a star or other celestial body can be made to appear on the horizon. Accurate adjustments are made by means of a micrometer knob. The angle can then be read off the arc and micrometer. The shades are to use when the object being looked at is bright - such as the sun.

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