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Name Plates

Hand Crafted Nautical Wooden Name Plates| Or You could go by Wooden Plaques! These are high quality wood crafted Nautical plaques with Brass Inlayed Letters. The Premium Solid Wood has been buffed to polish and dons a premium Nautical Brass and Wood Finish!. The letter inlaid are made out of solid shiny brass which has been coated with a sheer finish of lacquer coating to finish off and seal the oxidization of brass with oxygen and prevent and tarnishing. These are crafted with wonderful craftsmanship which is really being portrayed through the pictures itself!. Looking at these beautiful wooden plaques reminds you of maritime decor. The Titles and Designation each are related to Ship , thus makes a premier Nautical Decor for your Amazing walls and Homes!. These beautiful name plates do with two screws for each plate and wall plugs to help you easily fix it onto anything be it a door or a wall! Keep exploring Nagina International for more lovely Home Decor Products.

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